10 Best Hair Extensions of 2021

10 Best Hair Extensions of 2021

What types of hair extensions are available at salons?

There are many many different types of hair extensions in salons today.  You can find the perfect fit through a stylist who specializes in hair extensions.  9 times out of 10 you will find a stylist who does 1 or 2 different methods which might be tough to match the perfect method for your hair type.  Hair types can be anywhere from thin, medium and thick hair strand size then there is your density which is hair per square inch and then you have your elasticity which is how strong your hair is before it reaches its breaking point. Next you have your scalp oily or dry and everything in between.  So you see the combinations are endless.  Many of the hair stylists who dabble in hair extensions might do only Tape for example because they are very easy to put in, some might say.  When we are talking about a specialist like I am, I know there are 4 different ways to apply tape in hair extensions.  You can add more hair for the client who has less density so they have more strength to hold the hair extensions and prevent breakage. When we apply bottom to top we sandwich them together this allows you to grab more hair, you can apply top first for the more dense strong cuticle and all around thick hair thus taking only what the tape will grab giving a nice fit for this type of hair, you can single side them to make them less heavy and more wispy and last you can apply them slightly off our 90 degree alignment to allow the hair to either fall forward for layered feathery look or to go back easier for the client who like to wear a pony tale.  Also there are about 5 different types of tape in hair extensions to boot, only a specialist would know that because he or she has done her homework for you to have a comfortable head of hair extensions that not only works for your lifestyle but for the future and health or your hair.  


Since there are so many different hair types, you need to have more tricks up your sleeve to accommodate custom hair extensions to prevent breakage and give a great everyday wear. Many types of Strand by strand hair extensions include i-tips, keratin tips, flat tips, tape in (4 different tape thickness and weights), brazzilian knots, multiple types of beads, micro links, shrink links, I locks, Micro beads and many different glue and machine methods that I don't really care for mainly because I don't love the idea of melting anything into the hair. There are natural beaded rows with a sewing of hand tied wefts or machine wefts for more thickness and weights.  There is braiding and sewing full and partial heads for a protective method of hair extensions.  Braiding and sewing is best for that angle, fine hair with low density, there's really nothing else to do with this type of hair. I know this because I too have thin low density hair and I have tried everything! Another type of hair augmentation would be Lace Front units that you can adhere onto the head. Last but not least you can always have fun with pony tales, clip in hair extensions, halo systems, hair toppers and a multitude of bangs ( which I wear a lot ). If they are made right, 100% human hair extensions and are matched to perfection to your hair, that's when you feel like a real celebrity, no one would ever know the difference!


Where can I buy human hair extensions in CA?

You can buy hair extensions at your own risk online and at your local beauty supply but don't be surprised if they don't last long.  Many over the counter hair extensions could be blends of heat resistant synthetic since there is a shortage of hair, china got craft and started making plastic hair. So I would go to your hair care professional so this way they at least know what they are dealing with and have a personal representative and a color swatch to perfectly match your hair and there's also a warranty and a guarantee which you don’t find anywhere else.  Don’t waste your time or your money buying things online, you will save yourself a lot of trouble and most of all your hair.  I have had to cut out bad hair extensions from clients' natural hair because they tried to save a few bucks by getting hair extensions online and boy they will never do that again.  When it comes to marketing, hair can be advertised as human hair if there is one among something else.  Just like organic foods, they can say it's organic if one of the processes is organic. 


Where can I get high-quality hair extensions online?

I would try Secret of Medusa, Hot heads or perfectress.  You might need a Cosmetology license to purchase them so chances are going to your hair professional in my mind is your best bet. 


What is the average cost of hair extensions?

Average cost at my Hair Bar is roughly $1200 for a head of hair extensions, now that's average.  Many people use toppers that are about $800 and others go full tilt boogie and buy 22-24 inch a full head of badass hair extensions for $2200.  There are many different methods, colors, textures, lengths and qualities of hair extensions. Best way to find out is to shop around.  If you have concerns with hair loss, find a hair extension specialist and find reviews and before and after photos.  You get what you pay for good hair extensions and technicians cost money because they know how to look at a photo and apply their expertise to your end result and do it well.   Many Specialists have over 20 years experience and that is who you want working on your hair so you look your best while keeping healthy hair.  Find a Hair Extension Technician who has made it their career and life goal to build knowledge about hair that you can see through their work.  Knowledge is building an expertise through multiple training and education my friends, isn't free.  You can normally tell through their online presents, their website and booking system.  Talk a walk by the establishment, when you see a well put together presentation of a Hair Salon chances are they care about what they do and their image.  When you think, it shows!


Do hair extensions feel like regular hair?

Hair extensions should feel better than your natural hair always.  If they don't feel like your regular hair you might have the wrong method for your natural hair or have the wrong texture or bad quality hair extensions.  You should always find the highest quality of hair extensions because they not only feel good, they last a long time which saves you money in the long run.  Think of it like this, if you buy a Volkswagen bug you're going to have to replace it sooner than later and it wont look as good long term and the user experience isn't quality like something with more of an investment upfront. A Mercedes, a Porsche, a Tesla or a Range Rover might be more upfront but the long term benefits will outlast any VW all day!  You want a Porsche on your head and not a VW.  The less you spend on the quality of the hair the more you have to replace it because it will break down through washing, styling and environmental damages will take a toll on low quality hair.

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