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Are you ready for your dream hair? Whether you are looking to add length to your hair, or you are experiencing hair loss, hair thinning, or even breakage, you have come to the right place! We can add volume, length, and dimension to your hair with weft, individual, or tape-in hair extensions. We use a combination of natural hair treatments and beautifully matched hair extensions that will have you feeling your best.


What to Expect

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are human hairpieces that we add to your actual hair using various methods, including clips, seamless application, bonding, fusion, braiding, and weaving. Hair extensions add length and volume to your hair and give the effect of highlighted hair if you use different colored hair extensions.

What's the cost like?

Price varies significantly with hair extensions. You can find synthetic hair extensions for under a hundred dollars, while high-quality ones can cost a lot more. Virgin natural hair extensions are the best quality, but they are mostly expensive, of course. Why? Because the cuticle of the natural hair is preserved, and all the hair runs in one direction, giving it the most natural look.

If you are tight on your budget, you can easily go with a non-permanent method like clip-in and ponytail hair extensions. It is inexpensive and makes a good option if you want to try out a new style, like bangs, toppers, or a halo. If you’re serious about achieving longer, fuller, natural-looking locks, pay a little more for more permanent natural hair.

Get in touch with experts at Bond Hair Bar to know the best-suited hair extension type for your natural hair, which would fit your budget and lift your style.

Hair Extensions Pricing & Maintenance

Services We Offer

Hair Extensions Removal | $200

Takes approx. 1 hour.

Hand Tied Weft (1 row move-up) | $175

Typically takes about 30 min.

Hand Tied Weft (2 row move-up) | $375

Usually takes about 1 hour to take down 2 existing rows and install new.

Hand Tied Weft (3 row move-up) | $500

Usually takes about 1.5 hour to take down 3 existing rows and install new.

Hand Tied Weft Install (2 rows) | $350

Usually takes 1 hour and 10 min.

Hand Tied Weft Extensions Install (1 row) | $150

Usually takes about 45 min.

Hand Tied Weft Install (3rows) | $450

Usually takes about 1.5 hour.

Individual Hair Extensions Move-Up | $375

Usually takes about 1.5 hour.

Tape-In Hair Extensions Install | $200

Approximately 1 hour.

Tape-In Move-Up | $350

Takes about 2 hours.

Top Head Partial Braid & Sew Extensions | $550

Usually takes about 2.5 hours.

  • Clip-In Hair Extensions

    Clip-in hair extensions come in a strand of contoured pieces attached at the base with either silicone or fabric. Clip-in hair extensions are the fastest and most affordable type of hair extension; we can apply them in just 10 to 15 minutes by using toupee-like clips to secure the band of hair to your scalp! They clip onto your hair with ease, so there is zero damage to your natural hair.

  • Halo Hair Extensions

    Halo hair extensions are the least invasive to your hair roots. In this hair extension, a transparent wire sits around the crown of the head like a halo; while the bottom half contains the hair, the top half remains bare. They are really easy to hide under your hair. Since it isn’t secured to any stands, there’s no weight pulling on your natural locks, and it’s super comfortable.

  • Tape-In Hair Extensions

    Tape-in Hair Extensions are many women’s favorite types of hair extensions. These hair extensions are basically segments of hair attached to two-inch thick double-sided keratin tape. This type of hair extension is secured by sandwiching the tape between strands of your natural hair. Tape-ins are thicker and give you picture-perfect hair.

  • Micro Link Hair Extensions

    In Micro-link extensions, we attach individual tips of hair extensions to tiny wefts of hair. Each tip is clamped to the hair using a micro-ring, Nano-bead or an I-lock and the tips are patterned in neat rows around the head, and the beads are colored to match your natural hair. This application method will not use any heat or adhesive glue to bond the extension to the hair.

  • Sew-In Hair Extensions

    Sew-In Hair Extensions are majorly used for women with thicker hair because of the way they’re applied. What we do is, secure the Sew-In hair extension to your scalp by braiding the natural hair horizontally from ear to ear. We then sew the weft of hair into the braid.

  • Braid Hair Extensions

    Micros, minis, freestyles, crochets, goddesses, trees, box braids – there are so many gorgeous ways to wear braids, it’s easy to lose count. Well, not all kinds of braids demand the same kind of extension hair, but they all require a quick, steady hand like our staff has to attach the extensions securely. So for any woman who has ever considered doing braid hair extensions, call us now.

Hair Extensions customized for your hair type, style, and color!

Pump up the volume and length of your curly or straight hair with our luscious hair extensions!

With over 36 different shades to choose from, our curly and straight hair extensions are ideal for changing up your style, adding to your captivating appearance, and ESPECIALLY if you’re struggling with thinning hair. Just ONE afternoon of adding extensions will bring bouncy thickness and length back to your everyday look!

We also have the best natural hair extensions in the industry, including Secrets of Medusa, Hot Heads, Babe, PerfecTress and more!