Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer other services besides Hair Extensions?

Yes we have over 15 years experience doing cuts, color, highlights, low lights: there is transformational power in cut and color too!

I've never had extensions before, what can I expect?

We start with a hair analysis; Based on various factors, we choose a hair extensions application option that fits your unique hair. We also make explore texture options: Silky Straight, Straight Wavy, Wavy, Textured, Body Wave, Curly

Lastly, we conduct a hair color analysis: Our experts use their extensive training in color theory to choose hair colors that match your skin tone and eye color.

What types of attachment methods do you offer?


•Clear Silicon shrink wrap method

• Weft Braiding & Sewing

• Tape-in

• Keratin

• Weft/bead/sewing method – hand tied weft

• Custom weft hair/elastic string - Brazilin Knots

Do you offer clip-in?

Yes, we offer clip-ins in varying shades and density.

Can I bring my own hair extensions?

We don't advise bringing in your own hair extensions. We cannot verify the quality of hair extensions ordered from unverified distributors. The connecting method and hair from unverified distributors is often not up to quality standards, which may result in damage to natural hair and hair extensions might not hold.

*Here at Bond we have over 13 different distributors and manufacturers. Our distributors and manufacturers maintain the highest quality, industry standards and hold a manufacturer warranty.

Will hair extensions damage my hair?

Hair extensions only damage hair if:

It is the wrong method is chosen for clients hair type & density.Hair extensions are put in incorrectly. After care instructions are not followed.Too much pulling may damage natural hair.

I'm active, can I work out with hair extensions?

You can safely work out with hair extensions!
If you have clip ins, make sure to remove them prior to your work out. Keep them stored in a silk bag.

If you have tape-ins, wefts, or any strand by strand extensions, here are our recommendations:

Avoid getting your extensions in contact with sweat. A high bun or ponytail should keep them safe but careful not to tie it too tight! Never style your hair in a way that pulls or adds stress to the extensions. Keep your styles somewhat loose. Wearing a workout headband or bandanna is advisable.

If you're doing outdoor activities, protect your bonds from the sun by wearing a hat.

If you're swimming, always wear a hair cap. Keep your hair extensions protected and do not submerge your hair extensions in chlorinated water.

After a workout, always wash your hair extensions with sulfate free, stylist approved hair products.

Can hair extensions be colored?

SOME hair extensions can be colored. If your hair extensions have been treated with a color protectant, then they cannot be colored. (Most tape-ins, I-tip, keratin tips, can NOT be colored. Wefts normally can be colored) If you're unsure, ask us! We're here to help.

How long will my appointment last?

It depends on how much hair the client has and the method chosen. It can take anywhere from 2-4 hours on average, but truly depends on the method of application and how much hair is being installed. Schedule a consultation to get information that is specific to you!

How long will my extensions last?

The rate with which hair extensions need to moved up or replaced depends on how fast the client’s hair grows. Most commonly, clients get their extensions moved up every 6 weeks. With any type of hair extension, you do not want the hair extensions to get further than 1 inch from the scalp.

How much do hair extensions cost?

The price of hair extensions varies based on your hair type, and individual needs. The price can range anywhere from $250-$1800.

How do I remove them?

Do not remove your hair extensions by yourself! Book a removal appointment with your hair extensions specialist to keep your hair healthy and happy.