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Customized Hair Extensions & Color Solutions

Get Your
Dream Hair

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Bond Hair Bar brings creativity and inspiration to client’s everyday lives through custom hair solutions.
For 12 years, Bond Hair Bar founder Emily Wyant has used her multi-faceted skillset to bring an artistic and fun experience to Hair Artistry.

Our Clients

Specializing in


Hair Extensions

We offer high quality hair extensions to suit every style. 

Hair Replacement

We specialize in solutions for hair loss.

Color Solutions

Our color offerings make it easy to get the hottest looks of the season.

Hair that lives with you.

We make sure your hair is matched to your skin tone, facial structure, personal-style, and lifestyle.

This isn't your average chop shop! Each appointment is a new opportunity to celebrate the transformational power of gorgeous hair. Our clients come away from their appointment feeling empowered and beautiful!

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