Creative Ways to Give Your Hair More Volume

Creative Ways to Give Your Hair More Volume

Are you looking to add more volume to your hair? Whether your hair is fine or you are struggling from thinning hair, there are many techniques you can use to give your locks a boost! Here are just a few tips and tricks you can implement into your beauty routine to give you the beautiful hair you have always wanted. Keep reading below...

Blow Drying

There are certain methods used as you blow-dry your hair that will add more volume. To start, make sure that your hair is damp and not dripping wet. This will protect your hair from being exposed to heat longer than necessary. Using a round roller brush to dry your roots will help lift the hair off of your scalp and increase height and volume. If you do not have a roller brush, blow dry your hair upside down! This has almost the same effect as the roller brush, but without pulling on your hair and straining the roots.

Changing Your Part

Perhaps the simplest way to add volume in an instant is to switch the direction of your part. When we wear our hair the same way for an extended period of time, it becomes settled where it has been parted. This can cause your hair to appear to have less volume. Try parting on the opposite side after your next shower. Play around with it and find a look that suits you best.

Sleep in Buns

If you shower in the evening this might be great for you! Take your towel dried hair and twist it into a bun. You can tie it up into just one bun or several throughout your head for even more volume. Avoid using hair ties since this will leave harsh crimps in your hair, use bobby pins instead. In the morning take the pins out and tussle your hair into a voluminous wavy look.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a gorgeous and quick way to add volume and length to your hair. Be sure to use an extension specialist who is highly experienced and can customize your extensions to your unique hair. Great extensions should look completely natural and healthy. As hair extension specialist Emily Wyant says, “It’s about honoring your natural beauty and wearing the hair, not the hair wearing you. This allows for you to feel amazing and confident after a short time in my chair!”

Try some of these quick and easy tricks to increase the volume of your hair today! If decide to consider hair extensions, get a great cut/color or just go for an overall more sophisticated look, contact Emily Wyant today and experience her amazing talent, her ability to listen to what you want and give you hair you will adore! You will love your results!

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