Hair extension solutions for short hair!

Hair extension solutions for short hair!

You might have lovely short hair, but it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t crave long hair to change your style. It is possible to have a new hairstyle idea overnight, but it’s undoubtedly not possible to grow your hair naturally in a day or so. That’s where you turn to Hair Extension Solutions for Women.


Feel free to experiment with not only different colors but different lengths too with the help of hair extensions. One day you have a bob cut, and boom! The next day you have pretty long beach waves with the help of Bond Hair Bar.


The important thing about hair extension solutions is balancing. You need to ensure that both the length and the thickness go hand in hand. If you mess up either one of them, your hair will look anything but natural, and no one likes it.


Consider these factors for hair extensions


Before you opt for the best hair extensions near you, you need to ensure that the length of your hair is at least 3-4 inches long. Why? Because the hair extensions are typically attached to natural hair, and you can also call them clip-in hair extensions.


They are usually thicker, so if your hair is shorter than 3 or 4 inches, the clips will be visible and will not look pretty. The shorter the hair, the tougher it will be to blend in the hair extensions; therefore, this minimum length is required to hide clips well.



Apart from the length, it would help if you also focused on the color of the hair extensions, and it should blend perfectly with your natural hair. You might have a hard time sporting a sleek look if the difference between the length of the hair extensions and your natural hair is too much.


If your hair color is dual-toned, use a simple trick that includes mixing and matching your hair extension with your natural tone. To achieve this, you’ll require employing two extensions of different colors and smoothly blending them with the natural hair. Layer the two sets of extensions strategically above each other that will create a mixed effect.


Top 10 Steps to blend in hair extensions perfectly


You can refer to this checklist by the experts at Bond Hair Bar if you wish to achieve the perfect look by blending in hair extensions with your natural short hair.


  • Step 1- Go for short extensions


Short hair extensions blend nicely with short hair. Use extensions of length that range from 16 to 18 inches long. And you can also pick to look for shorter extensions if your hair is extremely short. You can shorten your hair extensions as per your preference. If they turn out to be longer than your taste, or you may get in touch with a stylist to do it for you.


  • Step 2- Turn to wefts


You can use one or two wefts to make styling easier. You can also use more wefts if you wish to add volume and extra length. The best part is that you won’t even have to deal with the clips or the chance of them getting exposed.



  • Step 3- Opt for thicker extensions


If you have a blunt cut, thick hair extensions should be your choice. The thin hair extensions will have an issue when it comes to blending in, and it won’t eventually appear to be natural. Compare the hair extensions to your natural hair to see if it is thick enough or not.


  • Step 4- Human hair or synthetic hair?


You can either opt for human hair or synthetic hair when you go for Hair Extension Solutions. However, human hair has an advantage over synthetic hair. You have an option to use heat to style them and can even dye them.


  • Step 5- Color of the hair extension


It’s essential to use hair extensions with the same color as your natural short hair to get a natural look. If you use human hair extension, you can apply color to match your natural hair color. You can also choose to dye your hair to get the perfect match. If the ends of your hair are different from the rest of your hair, it is best you choose to use a set of Ombre extensions.


  • Step 6- Wash your hair


Before you start with the hair extensions, it is important to clean your hair using a proper shampoo and conditioner. It is like prepping your hair for hair extension solutions.


  • Step 7- Divide your hair


Segregate the top part of your hair and use some pins to secure it in place. You can use the clips by putting them in between the divided part of the bottom and the top half of the hair.

  • Step 8- Set hair in place


Set the short hair in place with the help of a comb or a brush where you want to clip the extension. It will create a shelf that will make it easier for the clipped extensions to stay in place.


If you have used wefts, we suggest you employ extensions on the sides. However, if you are using one weft, it is best to secure the extension at the back of the head. Use some hairspray at the created shelf to add up the grip.


  • Step 9- Secure the extensions with a clip


Position the hair extensions till you are satisfied with their place, and then lock the clips. You can have a look in the mirror to see if the hair extensions blend perfectly with your natural hair or not.


  • Step 10- The final touch


Hair extensions might seem to be a bit off because they are not your natural hair at the end of the day. However, you can bridge the gap with the help of a straightener or curling rod. You can even out the extensions till you are satisfied with the final result. You can top it up by applying a shiny serum and have that glossy look. It works best if you have used synthetic hair.


“Hair Extension is the perfect solution for Short Hair,” Bond Hair Bar


If you follow these steps, you are bound to have a great hair extension experience. You can also trim the ends to give a more even look. If you would like an expert to help you out, you can reach out to Emily Wyant at Bond Hair Bar, and she and her team will take care of the rest.

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