Salon Stories: Blonde Ambition

Salon Stories: Blonde Ambition

Feeling your best often starts with looking your best!  The photos above are from “JS”, a first-time hair extensions client. Her hair color was 10 shades too light for her skin tone.  As a seasoned hairstylist, I’ve regularly corrected unflattering color for new clients to get them on the right track!

22 inch blonde hair extensions on woman before and after

The Color Theory

Typically, with blondes who naturally lean towards the darker side of the blonde color spectrum, you can create a naturally flattering color by weaving 22” extensions in dark and light blonde shades to create dimension. If we simply accentuate our natural self slightly we stay in what I like to refer to as the “safe zone” with color.  With this client, I made sure that we went a little more golden with some of the hair extension, alternating between lighter and darker blonde shades to bridge the gap between her natural color and the sun-kissed look we were trying to achieve for the summer. 


Blonde woman with long wavey hair extensions before and after

The Results

JS is a sales manager here in the San Francisco-Silicon Valley.  Within six weeks from her original appointment (hair extensions install), She had gone from City Wide Manager to World Wide in her sales territory.   JS received a huge promotion!
I tell the stories of women who achieve great things in this blog series because I truly believe that when women invest in themselves and their look, they become the best they can be in their daily life!

Getting your dream hair is transformational! One year later, JS is now a VP of Sales.

** this article is part of a year long Salon Stories series by the founder of Bond Hair Bar, Emily Wyant. Bond Hair Bar’s ethos revolve around empowering women in all aspects of their lives. Hair is just the beginning! Stay tuned for a new release every friday!

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