Hair Loss Solutions


We offer private rooms to ensure privacy for our clients and our consultations are fully confidential. You will learn about the hair loss solutions we offer and we will work to help choose a treatment option that is right for you.


Emily, CEO of Bond Hair Bar, has raised the industry standard by acquiring expertise and certified in over 15 different methods of hair extensions and hair replacement systems for both men and women. Emily's determination and continued education is geared towards helping people with hair loss. Emily herself has suffered from hair loss and extremely thin hair, making hair loss solutions very personal.  

Emily is able to rejuvenate and protect the natural hair by aligning and identifying her clients’ hair type with the best method of hair replacement and extensions. A well thought out procedure detailing her clients’ physical, personal and professional aspirations, ensures a thorough profile.

After a private consultation at Bond Hair Bar, every person walks away making an educated decision about the best method for their hair.

Our Hair Loss Treatment Process

We require a 30-minute consultation for all new hair replacement clients. During your private and confidential consultation, you will receive a complete analysis of your hair and we will identify the correct method which will help preserve your natural hair and prevent any further damage.

We use over 15 different methods of hair extensions and ensure the best fit for each of our clients. This consultation allows us to select the hair length, texture, and color that is best for you. We recommend that you bring photos of what you want your hair to look like so you can leave with a full understanding of the entire scope of work to achieve your dream hair.

We request a 50% deposit to proceed with your hair transformation.

Hereditary Hair Loss Replacement

Being a genetic condition, Hereditary Hair Loss reduces the amount of time that hair actively spends growing. It is also known as androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness, affecting a large percentage of men and women. Many people notice that it also gets progressively worse as they age. Contact Emily Wyant at Bond Hair Bar if you witness these symptoms or want to start Hereditary Hair Loss Treatment.

Abnormal Thyroid Replacement

People tend to lose hair on a routine basis, shedding as many as 100 hairs per day, and that too across the entire scalp. Usually, these hairs are replaced with time. However, if you have thyroid disease, you may experience hair loss more than others, so much so that your hair looks to be thinning. Having autoimmune thyroid disease also puts you at greater risk for alopecia areata. It results in excessive and rapid hair loss in specific parts of the scalp that can advance to baldness and affect other parts of the body, like the eyebrows. If that’s the case, contact Emily Wyant at Bond Hair Bar now.

Cancer Survivor Hair Loss Replacement

You may not think about how important your hair is until you start losing it. And if you have cancer, plus you are about to undergo chemotherapy, the chance of hair loss is high. Men and women both report hair loss as one of the most severe side effects after being diagnosed with cancer. Hair loss is also a symbol to the world that you have cancer. You may be among those who fear this side effect more than other chemotherapy complications. If that’s the case, contact Emily Wyant at Bond Hair Bar now.

Chemical Breakage

Many chemicals are found in the hair care products used regularly or in the hair styling products occasionally used, which can cause serious damage to the scalp and the hair follicles. Heat Styling damage is also a major cause of hair breakage, as people tend to overdo it and not use heat protectors. Bleaches, keratin treatments, hair coloring can cause a great deal of swelling to the hair cuticle, which causes the hair to break. Over-the-counter boxed dyes cause a great deal of stress to the hair and many people don’t realize how harsh the chemicals are in these products. Now that you know this about Chemical Breakage, contact Bond Hair Bar if you suffer from Chemical Breakage.

Aging Hair

When we age, our body experiences many changes and our hair is no exception. Hair naturally changes color & texture over time. To keep your hair looking good as you age, you need to give it special attention. If you have noticed a dramatic change in the texture and density of your hair, consider visiting our salon, and consider a hair thickening treatment, natural hair color and a blunt haircut to make your hair look thicker. Protective methods of hair extensions is Emily’s specialty, giving you a more youthful look into your mature years. So get in touch with her now.

Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is probably caused by lifestyle habits, genetics, or both. You can also refer to thinning hair as minor to moderate hair loss. Thinning hair doesn’t necessarily cause baldness, unlike widespread hair loss. However, our experts suggest that it does give the appearance of thinner spots of hair on your head. Thinning hair happens gradually. It means that our hair experts will pinpoint the causes and figure out the best treatment measures. If thinning hair troubles you, contact Emily Wyant for Thinning Hair Replacement now.

Trichotillomania Hair Extensions

Trichotillomania, or pathological hair pulling, is a pretty common but underdiagnosed psychological disorder. People with this problem experience an overwhelming urge to pull out their hair. Many people who suffer from trichotillomania may not know that they have a diagnosable condition. They may view their hair pulling as a bad habit, and some people may also experience severe physical and psychological symptoms. If that’s the case, get Trichotillomania Hair Replacement from Bond Hair Bar now.


Alopecia areata is a common autoimmune disorder. It often results in unpredictable hair loss and affects roughly 6.8 million people in the US alone. In most cases, hair tends to fall out in small patches around the size of a quarter. Hair loss is nothing more than a few patches for most people. In some cases, though, it can be more extreme. Sometimes, it leads to the complete loss of hair on the scalp. Contact the experts at Bond Hair Bar for Stress Alopecia Hair Replacement.

Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness commonly refers to a receding hairline. It also denotes loss of hair in the crown or lower portion of the head. Experts suggest that Hair loss in men can also be traced to genetics. Suppose your grandfather’s side of the family, your grandmother’s side of the family, your father’s side of the family, or your mother’s side of the family experienced male pattern baldness. In that case, the chances are that you will also inherit this trait. If Male Pattern Baldness is on your mind, contact Bond Hair Bar for your Hair Replacement Options.

Over 15 methods & 20 years experience
in Hair Loss Treatment & Hair Extensions

Our advanced technique involves a non-surgical hair replacement process that revives your youthful appearance and allows a natural look. Your home maintenance routine is extremely minimal that simply includes washing, conditioning, and styling. Our custom hair pieces are created to blend with your original hair growth pattern to create the illusion that hair is growing directly from your crown.