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5 Myths About Non-Surgical Hair Loss Replacement

Written By Emily Wyant 24 May 2021
5 Myths About Non-Surgical Hair Loss Replacement

Hair Loss Replacement is a huge decision to take, irrespective of whether it is surgical or non-surgical. It would be best if you don’t believe in myths and spend ample time during the research process to mitigate any problems in the future. However, not everything that you come across on the internet is supposed to be true.

When we speak about non-surgical hair replacement, we can cover two topics with this term. The first is any treatment for male pattern baldness that doesn’t include surgery. It is diverse, and the categories comprise medication, devices, and supplements, to name a few.

The other meaning is pretty specific. It denotes a smaller range of worn or applied products to the scalp to make up for the lost hair because of the male pattern baldness. 

In terms of hair loss replacement, you might have come across some myths while doing your research. We are here to guide you whether they are true or not.

Don’t believe these 5 myths about Non-Surgical Hair Loss Replacement!

Myth 1- Hair Loss Replacement is just putting on a wig 

Suppose someone tries to explain that the hair loss replacement means putting on a wig, exit from the first door you see! At Bond Hair Bar, we ensure to enlighten people about it, and when they tell us that it is all about a wig, it seriously frightens us! 

The replacement service is designed to suit the needs of an individual along with a blend of natural color & texture. It follows the natural hairline and makes it seem like it is growing from the scalp. It is undoubtedly not a one fit all wig that you can find in the market. 

Myth 2- Non-Surgical Hair Loss Replacement causes itching 

At Bond Hair Bar, we don’t make you wear synthetic strands that make your head feel itchy, irritable, and hot. The modern custom hair systems use breathable membranes that result in reduced irritation to the scalp. 

Myth 3- It looks artificial 

When the process of Hair Loss Replacement is done under the supervision of a professional at Bond Hair Bar, you won’t be able to make out the difference between your natural hair and the one that’s added later. 

The best hair system is curated from natural hair strands combined perfectly with your original hair’s color and texture. No one will be able to point out that it is not your real hair.

Myth 4- Hair Loss Replacement will interfere with your lifestyle 

The trending systems are designed to stay put no matter what activities you indulge in. Feel free to go swimming without worrying that your hair might come off. 

You can also go skydiving without thinking whether your hair will fly off or not. All you need to do is visit your stylist for a touchup to keep your style intact.

Myth 5- Heat will ruin it 

You might have come across this one a lot when you search about hair loss replacement methods. If you have heard that all hair tends to fade out with time when they are exposed to extreme sunlight, then you are not alone.

The hair replacement system from Bond Hair Bar is not only going to look but feel natural too. The best part is that you have to treat it naturally as well. All you need to do is wear a cap or a scarf if you are going someplace with extreme sunlight. 

Now that we are clear on the myths, there are some things that you must know before you opt for the Hair Loss Replacement. We have curated a list for your convenience of the questions that you should also ask our hairstylists!

Who is going to do it?

The experts are only supposed to perform the attachment and design part of the hair loss replacement system. Therefore, it is essential to know who will do it for you before you start with it.

It would be best to do some research before starting with it and even taking references from your friends or relatives.

What are the possible complications?

Even though there are no such recorded reports of complications or side effects after the hair loss replacement system, you should still confirm it once. There is no harm in asking if it is going to affect you or not.

How costly is it?

The price of the hair loss replacement system depends on the way you want it to be. It will depend on the product line based on the size, density, length, or custom hair replacement. It also comes with a cost of monthly maintenance. 

What are the disadvantages of a non-surgical hair loss replacement system? 

It might seem to be all rainbows and sunshine, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t face a downside after your hair loss replacement session. However, they are not too serious, and you can take care of them accordingly. It is just essential to know about the shortcomings in advance to work on it in the future.

How is it going to be attached?

Your hairstylist can opt for either of the three ways to attach it. They are tape, glue, or clips. Glue is also known as bonding adhesive, and a major chunk of people use the tape. It is believed that this is going to be more feasible in getting a natural look.

Our Verdict 

It is vital to know that a myth is a myth, no matter how true it might seem. When it comes to a hair loss replacement, you should take the research bit very seriously and ensure that all your doubts are cleared well in advance. And if there’s anything else you need to know or discuss, contact Bond Hair Bar now.

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