Best Hair Loss Treatment Plans for Every Budget

Best Hair Loss Treatment Plans for Every Budget

What are the main reasons for hair loss


Many factors cause hair loss. It can be due to a medical issue, or it can be trauma related to an accident. The most common is aging and heredity. 

 Best Hair Loss Treatment Plans for Every Budget

Men take the lead in hair loss globally.  Baldness typically refers to excessive hair loss from your scalp. Hereditary hair loss with age is the most common cause of baldness. It can be due to heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions, and/or a normal part of aging.


What is the best way to stop/control hair loss 



A positive change in diet can rid your body of all hormones from meat and dairy products.  When I stopped eating dairy and excessive amounts of meat, I noticed 2 things: 1 was my menstrual cramps were GONE! And 2, my brain fog was lifted. I hadn't noticed the brain fog for a while, but the menstrual cramps disappearing was a huge surprise.  6 to 8 weeks is how long it took for the diet change to balance my hormones back to normal. Making this change will have a huge effect on your hair, skin, and nails. 

 Best Hair Loss Treatment Plans for Every Budget

As a young adult, I always knew my cycle was near because I would have cramps five days prior, and that was because of excessive intake of food that affect my hormones. Thus, one would ask, What is in the meat? What is in the milk products? I was going to Starbucks coffee daily and sometimes even twice a day, that’s a lot of milk! Also, let's not forget about cheese paired with wine which people consume a lot.  Wow! Clearly, the meat and dairy products contain so much hormones going into my body, adjusting natural chemistry, and overstimulating my reproductive organs. What next? Does that lead to reproductive cancer? Is that where breast cancers and ovarian cancers have trouble with polycystic ovaries, and the heavy bleeders out there are having so many problems? Let’s not start talking about the other hormonal side effects this has on these poor cows. All just because we are overpopulated and we now need to mass-produce food to feed the world.  


We need to eat more vegetables and fruits to give our hair, skin, and nails the correct balance they need to be beautiful. If we take a look at what we are putting into our bodys, we will have gorgeous hair, skin, and nails. Fruits and Vegetables are easy to digest. They also contain fibers and nutrients from the soil they are grown in, and fruits also contain a lot of enzymes to help us absorb the vitamins from our food. Eating things that go through the photosynthesis process is alkalizing to our system. These components are essential for a healthy body and healthy hair. 


What are the remedies for extreme hair loss?




We need to consume half our body's weight in oz per day. Think of it like this, if our body is 80% water, and so is the earth, that's food for thought, and that it's saltwater, another point to ponder. We need to flush our system out daily and give it the fluid it needs to do its job of continuously detoxifying our systems. I once noticed my father wasn't drinking even one cup of water a day. I'm like Dad! Do you know you need to drink half your body weight in oz per day to be hydrated??? He said, oh honey; I'd drown! This shows you most of the world is taken by fruit juices, alcohol, coffee, soda, teas, and other sports drinks that are filled with sugar. When you think of our system being flooded with all of this and no water, it's no wonder we are dying off as quickly as we do. So please drink your water and hydrate our plant. That hair on your head is counting on you to make healthy decisions.

Best Hair Loss Treatment Plans for Every Budget

When we begin to notice hair loss as a woman, please note that your body is trying to tell you something. It's a cycle; your internal organs always suffer first, and when they aren't getting what they need, they give you other notifications that something is wrong. We need to start taking notes of what we are eating and drinking every day and then take a good look at what we are using on our bodies, like shampoos and conditioners can also have adverse effects. Did you hear about the Tresemme Keratin Class Action lawsuit? Its a must read.


My new client who has been suffering from hair loss since she was 16 and has been using this product is a part of the millions who suffer for sure.  The Doctors diagnosed her with Androgenic Alopecia.  Do you know how many different types of “Alopecias” have arisen?  You can't even keep up.  


My hair is thinning quickly. What should I do?


Since I started this journey of learning about what in the world is going on with hair loss, I've been floored at how many different reasons medical hair loss reasons us women are losing hair. I would start by dissecting everything you use and what you are putting into your body and going from there. The process of illumination works for everything. But the doctors don't have time to go through that with you, But I do!

 Best Hair Loss Treatment Plans for Every Budget

Contact me through my business at Just call the front desk or schedule a virtual or in-person consultation so we can get started right away! I'm not a doctor, but I think I can help get you to the bottom of a lot by using common sense and the process of elimination. I’ve assisted a few new clients recently since learning about normal things like diet and working our way back from when the hair loss first started and going from there. I’m here to help!


We need to stay happy as women because we are way more emotional creatures than we think. We were meant to have children, raise and protect them, feed them and play with them. We need to be happy to provide such a service. Let’s take it from the top. Are you happy?  If not, what does make you happy? Make a list now and start adding those things into your life. 


Happy Vitamins are Vitamin D and Vitamin B12, to name a few. 

Best Hair Loss Treatment Plans for Every Budget

Research shows that a lack of vitamin D in your body can lead to hair loss. One role vitamin D plays is stimulating new and old hair follicles. When there isn't enough vitamin D in your system, new hair growth can be stunted.

 Best Hair Loss Treatment Plans for Every Budget

Are you healthy? Let's make a list of what you eat and drink. Are you physically fit? A part of being healthy is maintaining a healthy weight. Trust me being off even a little bit; we notice, and it drags on us on our well-being. Take control of where you want to be, and your hair will follow.


Also, too much Caffeine can Zap your body’s ability to absorb Iron which is huge for women on so many levels. Take a look at what you are ingesting.  Go decaf and drink some green tea and wean yourself off, please. 


I had a client who flew in to see me from LA, and I am in Northern California. She had lost a lot of density on the top of her head, so we got her on some Ethica, which We sell at the salon to help stop the hair loss. But most importantly, she gets costly Iron Infusion from the doctor and is not having another costly cosmetic Hair augmentation because of this hair loss. Long story short, she has Iron deficiency and didn't dive that deep into it until I wanted to speak with her doctor about what is causing this. She began to tell me that per her doctor that Caffeine was a major contributor to iron deficiency, and then I ask, how much coffee are you drinking?? Because at this point, I've now seen so many people for hair loss, I'm trying to get to the bottom of this for the sake of hair loss across the world! She replied I've had a problem with coffee since I was 14 years old; at this point, I consume “a French press and a half a day of coffee.”

All you have to do is take a look at what you consume and your lifestyle, there is your answers. Reach out to Bond Hair Bar for hair loss treatment consultation.
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