Different Types Of Hair Extensions - Ultimate Guide

Different Types Of Hair Extensions - Ultimate Guide

Today long, wavy and luscious locks are broadly highlighted in hair commercials, salons advertisement, and magazines. Be it Jennifer Lopez's luscious locks or Ariana Grande's signature high pony, their locks have been the talk of the town. But what's the secret behind their flowing strands? 

Yes, the different types of hair extensions it is. These weaving types give our favorite celebrities the illusion of longer and fuller hair. 

Hair extensions allow us to reach our "long hair goals" and help us get Rapunzel-like locks without spending months growing them. Whether you have short, curly, or blonde locks, extensions allow you to switch your hair game with ease.

If you wish to get one, let us introduce the different types of hair extensions and help you choose the kind of extensions that will work best for you.

What are Hair Extensions?

Hair Extensions, Tools and Accessories

Hair extensions are human hairpieces that are added to your natural hair using various techniques, including seamless application, clips, fusion, bonding, braiding, and weaving. 

Hair extensions give volume and length to your hair and provide an outcome of highlighted hair if you use different colored hair extensions.

The Different Types of Hair Extensions

Before selecting the type of hair extension you want, it's essential to understand the differences between human and synthetic.

What's the Difference Between Real Human and Synthetic Hair Extensions?

  • Human hair extensions are often the most favored choice, as they feel smooth and silky, just like your natural hair. 

You can style the extensions however you want without fearing damaging the strands. Overall, human hair extensions blend seamlessly, giving off the illusion of naturally longer and fuller locks.

  • Synthetic hair extensions: The top selling point is the price. Synthetic hair is much more affordable because of its material. Some synthetic extensions closely imitate human hair but might feel slightly thick and coarser.

It is generally recommended not to apply heat or chemicals to style them, as it may cause damage to the extensions. Therefore, synthetic hair extension is for you if you want a more quick and more cost-efficient look.

Now that you know the kind of hair you want, let's check out the different types of hair extensions. 

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions, also known as clip-in wefts, come in a strand of contoured segments attached at the base with either silicone or fabric. The clips are connected to this base and are ready to use without hassle. 

All you need is to clip it directly into your natural hair. Each clip snaps open and closes effortlessly. 

Clip-in is a non-permanent hair extension type, as you can quickly remove and put them back on whenever you  want. It takes approximately 5 to 15 minutes if applied at home. 

Clip-in hair extensions are the least destructive because they don't involve heat, chemicals, pressure, or other installation techniques. They clip onto your hair quickly without even damaging your natural hair, making it one of the most popular types of hair extensions.

Halo Hair Extensions

These easy-to-style, halo hair extensions are perfect for those preferring low-maintenance. The single weft (hair strands stitched to a super-thin cloth strip) is secured by a barely visible thread on your head's natural curve, making them a convenient option. 

It can last three to five years and takes approximately two to three hours to apply if fitted to the whole head.

This extension type is an excellent option for someone curious about getting extensions but needs clarification about committing to a more permanent application. 

Tape-In Hair Extensions

After clip-ins, tapes are the fastest and most effortless semi-permanent hair extension method to use. Unlike clip-ins, you require a professional stylist to help you use this temporary hair extension.

Tapes are usually around 1 inch in width and are secured to the hair using adhesive glue. The application uses multiple hair strands, so it does not cause much strain and breakage to your natural hair like other permanent extensions. 

Tape-ins are the most popular method used by top stylists and celebrities. It is because they are the quickest to apply and remove with the most natural and discrete finish. 

Professionals often use tape extensions to thicken a pixie cut, creating a blunt frame to your face. These types of hair extensions are perfect for most hair types.

Micro Link Hair Extensions

Micro-link extensions are individual hair tip extensions attached to teeny wefts of hair. Each end is connected to the hair using a nano-bead or micro-ring with a unique hair plier. 

The tips form a neat row of patterns around the head, and the beads are dyed to match your natural hair color. This method does not use adhesive glue or heat to bond the extension to your hair, making it a safe and discrete procedure when applied perfectly.

Sew-In Hair Extensions

Sewn-in hair extensions or 'Weaves' are usually applied using the micro-ring method or L.A. Weave.

Weaves are an elongated weft of hair, identical to a clip-in extension, sewn into layers of your natural hair. The hair is either sewn or braided using a needle and thread or involves a micro-ring application. 

Weaves are a great option if you have thick or heavily textured hair, as this type of hair extension can often damage fine and thin hair. 

Braid Hair Extensions

Micros, freestyles, minis, goddesses, crochets, trees, box braids – there are numerous gorgeous ways to wear braids. Not all kinds of braids demand the same type of hair extensions.

Braid extensions are natural or synthetic hair sewn or clipped into your natural hair. These types of hair extensions are ideal for creating various braided hairstyles.

Which Type of Hair Extensions is Ideal for You?

Hair Extension

The "best type of hair extensions" is based on your expectations and what you're volunteering to deal with. While choosing the types of hair extensions, ensure to have a clear idea of what qualities you want them to entail.

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