Trichotillomania Salon: Hair Pulling Disorder and How to Help clients

Trichotillomania Salon: Hair Pulling Disorder and How to Help clients

Trichotillomania is a mental health hair pulling disorder. It is characterized by uncontrollable urges of a person to pull out their hair. In America, approximately 1 percent of people have Trichotillomania once in their lifetime. This disorder often becomes a reason for public shame and embarrassment. Once a person learns about the presence of this condition, the shame may increase. Unintentionally bracing these feelings of embarrassment leads to further social isolation, anxiety, or even depression.

Trichotillomania is not just a habit, and it is the result of an immersive urge that may feel uncontrollable. In Trichotillomania, pulling hair is not a random occurrence; instead, it is a behavior that usually follows specific patterns.

Before knowing how a trichotillomania salon can help treat someone with Trichotillomania, let’s learn about the disorder first. 

What are the Causes of Trichotillomania?

The causes of Trichotillomania are very complex and psychological. Some contributing factors of Trichotillomania include stress, anxiety, depression, or a childhood traumatic experience. The act of pulling out a hair feels immensely satisfying to those who suffer from this condition. 

People with Trichotillomania feel that pulling their hair can temporarily release their tension. Hair pulling is very hard to stop, and most people who have Trichotillomania can go to any extent to hide the condition. At Bond Hair Bar, Trichotillomania Salon, we have seen many cases of Trichotillomania in people of all ages and genders. We know how embarrassing, distressing, and disheartening it can feel, and that is why we are here to help provide you advice, help, and support.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Trichotillomania?

Some form of hair loss is common in Trichotillomania. Yet people with this disorder may do anything to hide the consequences of their hair-pulling behavior. Some individuals even pull hair from widely distributed areas to ensure no patch loses too much cover. At the same time, some other people may conceal hair loss with scarves, makeup, or wigs. Common signs and symptoms of Trichotillomania are:

  • Excessive touching, playing or pulling hair
  • Experiencing tension before pulling hair and relief after pulling it
  • Eating, biting, or chewing the hair after pulling it out
  • Avoid situations that can reveal bald patches, such as swimming or exposure to wind
  • Anxiety, panic, depression, or a decrease in health and work performance
  • Noticeable changes in social behavior

What is the Treatment for Trichotillomania?

If you want to recover from Trichotillomania, the first and most important step is to get help for another person suffering from it (this could be yourself, a friend, or a family member). Many doctors even recommend psychological therapy to people for treating Trichotillomania. Please note that there is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about Trichotillomania. 

Some people also try other Treatments to treat Trichotillomania Including:

  • Covering their hair with a slippery cream or oil
  • Wearing a scarf or muffler over their head
  • Wearing thick gloves when the temptation to pull out the hair is at its peak, especially while sleeping 
  • Cutting their hair short so that it is impossible to get hold of it
  • Playing with stress-relieving beads or other stress management tools takes their minds off their impulses.

All the treatments for Trichotillomania take time and patience still; there is no guarantee that it will work. However, you don’t need to lose hope because the best Trichotillomania salon in San Mateo, CA, USA, Bond Hair Bar, is always there to help you.

Trichotillomania Treatment at Best Trichotillomania Salon: Bond Hair Bar

At Bond Hair Bar, Trichotillomania Salon, we have seen many individuals suffering from Trichotillomania, ranging from young children to teenagers to highly successful women and men. Like recovering from any other condition or disorder, external support is crucial. At our Trichotillomania Salon, we not only treat Trichotillomania, but we also give trichotillomania patients support and make them feel better, accept themselves with the disorder and let their confidence grow again.

The hair-pulling disorder, Trichotillomania, affects the hair and often results in bald spots, thinning hair, or other forms of damage. Most people affected with Trichotillomania are generally insecure about their appearance, and they don’t feel confident and beautiful. Emily Wyant, world-renowned hair expert, educator, speaker, author, TV & Radio personality, and owner at Bond Hair Bar with her team of professionals, has a lot of experience treating Trichotillomania and knows how to fix those problems. 




So, at Bond Hair Bar, you will find the perfect solution matching your concerns about your hair. Everything is possible here, from extensions to non-surgical hair replacements that will help you get your hair back in shape. Let’s see how:

  • Non-surgical hair replacement

Your hair says a lot about you, and for most people, long, short, bouncy, or sleek hair is way more than just a bundle of fibers. It’s an expression of their style and personality. But if you are suffering from Trichotillomania and losing your hair, it can freak you out. 

Bond Hair Bar has developed a unique hair integration system that is perfect for people suffering from not just Trichotillomania but also thinning hair or any other hair loss condition. We are one of the best Trichotillomania salons that offer a non-surgical hair replacement system in California, USA, and it is non-invasive, non-surgical, and non-pharmaceutical.

  • Hair extensions

Hair extensions are ideal for people experiencing the hair-pulling disorder, Trichotillomania. Hair extensions attach underneath a top layer of hair, adding overall volume. There three most common types of extensions available at Bond Hair Bar, Trichotillomania salon:

  • Clip-In Extensions
  • Tape-In Extensions
  • Sew-In Weave Extensions

Our hair extensions have the following benefits:

  1. Highly customizable- our experts can give you a stylish cut to match your haircut from your hair extensions, giving you the most natural look possible. 
  2. Long-lasting- our hair extensions are made with sticky, double-sided panels that tape into your scalp and are easy on your natural hair.
  3. Promote hair growth- our hair extensions encourage hair growth. Once you’re done with your hair extensions, you are free to style them any way you like while the hair naturally grows from your head in cornrows and gets a break from styling tools, products, heat, and cosmetics.

Don’t believe us? Read what one of our clients living with Trichotillomania thinks of Emily Wyant and Bond Hair Bar, Trichotillomania salon.

“Here’s my story about me and my trich. I hope you’re able to use it!

I’m a 22-year-old woman living with Trichotillomania for almost a decade now. It started in middle school when I began pulling to calm my anxiety. I was able to hide it with the longer pieces of hair that I had, but it eventually got to the point where people could notice that my hair was thinning. I was able to stop pulling for a few months because I saw what it was doing to my self-esteem and my mental health. Unfortunately, when I graduated from high school, it progressively got worse. With all the stress I had from school, and my mental health, the only way I felt relaxed was when I pulled my hair. None of my friends knew, aunts, cousins, or other family members. They thought that “I liked hats.” My family knew because they could see all the hair I pulled out on the floor when they swept.

I’ve tried everything from therapy, medication, fidget toys, and even wearing gloves to try and prevent pulling my hair. I’m a part of an online community of other individuals who also have trich, and I saw that a woman got extensions. Her before and after pictures of when she had trich, her after photos with her extensions, and then her natural hair without the extensions made me realize that this solution may help me. I began to do a lot of research on hair salons near me that help those with Trichotillomania. After heavy research, I found Bond Hair Bar. It took a lot from me to reach out to book a consultation because of how ashamed I was of my hair. After meeting Emily and finding the best option for me, I was able to reduce/stop pulling my hair. My confidence went up, and I could finally wear my hair normally without a hat. My family was very proud of me for finding a solution for my Trichotillomania. I even went into work, and my coworkers thought I was a customer because they always thought I would come in wearing a hat! This experience has been life-changing for me, and if it weren’t for Emily and the services she gives, I would still be self-conscious and continue wearing my hats to cover my hair.”

Searching for Best Trichotillomania Salon in San Mateo, CA, USA? Contact Bond Hair Bar Now! 

Suppose you are struggling with a hair-pulling disorder, Trichotillomania, or any hair loss problem, are struggling to grow your hair back from a certain point, or want to look and feel gorgeous for a special occasion. In that case, our Trichotillomania salon Bond Hair Bar is always there to help you. We believe everybody deserves to have the hair they always dream of. Our owner Emily Wyant with her highly qualified and experienced team, can help you accomplish your dreams with the treatment of your hair loss. Our commitment to delivering an unbeatable and unbelievable customer experience has earned us recognition as USA’s number 1 rated Trichotillomania salon.

Ask us questions instead of making assumptions; avoid judgment, and practice empathy. At Bond Hair Bar, our mission is to give people their confidence by making the impossible possible. So, contact us now at +1 (650) 376-3582 to book an appointment with us or reach us via email at
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