5 Steps for a Great Hair Day Every Day

5 Steps for a Great Hair Day Every Day

You gotta love those hair days where you are just rockin’ it! But the next day, not so much. Somehow the ghost of past bad hair days decides to pay you a visit. Your hair comes out like a frizzy mess, ruining your whole day. Yikes. It’s not that you’re a bad stylist or that you don’t take care of your hair so don’t beat yourself up. It’s probably some other underlying problem that is causing your hair to become unruly.

Don’t stress – just keep reading! Check out my 5 tips that will get you a great hair day, just about every day. (Except those days you choose to stick it in a braid and watch a marathon of The Bachelor.

1. Wash Your Hair a Couple Times Per Week

Your hair’s natural oils are the secret to healthy and shiny hair. By washing your hair too much, you strip away those oils causing hair to be dull, damaged, and lose its sheen. What’s a girl to do? Experts say that your best bet for maintaining healthy hair is cutting back on how often you wash it. Also, using the right shampoo and conditioner is key to keep those lovely locks of yours strong and sexy. Often, grocery store products are not enough so plan to invest a bit more for better results and ask me for help!

2. Use the Right Brush at the Right Time

It’s so important to be patient when styling. Rushing to brush wet hair with whatever brush available is a recipe for disaster. Your hair is stretchier when it gets wet and brushing it right away with the wrong comb or brush strips out strands of hair. Before struggling to brush your wet tangled mane, apply a detangler and use a wide tooth comb. As you prepare to fire up that blow dryer, switch to a natural bristle brush. This will help distribute natural oils, giving an extra shine to your hair.

3. Dry Your Hair Correctly

Drying your hair improperly causes hair strands to break, losing that extra oomph of volume that you desire. Gently towel dry your hair, spray in a heat protectant, then use a blow dryer on a low setting. The same goes for using other tools to style your hair, like a curling iron or straightener. You’ll avoid frying your hair and instead create a luxurious, lasting look which will earn you compliments all day.

4. Show Your Hair Some Love

While you are preparing for the upcoming week, do an in home hair treatment. Apply a leave-in conditioner on Sunday night to heal your roots (if you aren’t a hair extension client, obviously!) or use an all-natural treatment. You don’t need to buy some pricey product when you can find hair treatments in your pantry. Hot oil treatments are amazing and one of my favorites to recommend.   You’ll begin to see your hair get healthier week by week! Stay tuned for more on my hot oil treatments in a future blog post…

5. Invest in hair extensions

The best way to avoid having a bad hair day again is by investing in hair extensions. Forget any rumors that you may have heard about them. They not only add length to your hair, but they also add volume.   They help fly away and hair that has a fine texture looking stylish and sexy. Hair extensions aren’t hard to put in or remove and they take very little time for those of you who are busy bees. Hair extensions keep your hair healthy and you can change up your look often so that you’ll always have a great hair day AND have a modern look. Suffer from thinning? Want a longer look? Feeling like you are starting to look older than you want?   Hair extensions can create a subtle or a bold change easily, quickly and they are affordable. Matching hair to your color creates a natural look, softening your face and updating look overall as you age. A stylist that is Certified in Hair Extensions is the person you want to find, get a recommendation from me feel free to reach back with your questions or for a free consultation if you are anywhere near the San Francisco Bay Area. I have had clients drive in or fly to have me do their hair so if you are at your wits end and want the very best, let’s talk!

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