Best Hair Loss Treatments for Men in Bay Area, CA

Best Hair Loss Treatments for Men in Bay Area, CA

The leading cause of hair loss in men is either their environment or genetics. Although hair loss can’t always be prevented, thankfully, some hair loss treatments for men in Bay Area might slow down the process.

Hair loss in men or male pattern baldness is an inherited trait affecting most men over the age of 50. Stress and other autoimmune conditions such as alopecia areata can also affect hair loss in men.

Here are the best hair loss treatments for men in Bay Area, CA, that you can consider.

What is Hair Loss in Men?

It’s normal for men to lose around 50 to 100 hair strands every day, which often isn’t noticeable as the new hair grows, replacing the lost hair. Hair loss and baldness in men can occur when new strands stop growing or hair falls out too quickly.

Men may notice a slow thinning hair or a sudden bald patch, depending on the cause of hair loss. Hair loss can impact both the hair on your scalp and the entire body.

Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Hair Loss Treatment for men

The causes of hair loss in men include:

  • Medical Issues
  • Temporary hair loss can signify a medical issue, like thyroid problems and anemia. A low protein and iron-deficient diet can also cause hair to thin in men. Men with diabetes or lupus are at a higher risk for hair loss. 

    Hair loss in men may be a side effect of certain drugs you consume for:

    • High blood pressure
    • Heart problems
    • Cancer
    • Arthritis
    • Depression
    • Gout

    Chemotherapy and radiation treatment can also cause widespread hair loss in men. However, hair usually grows back with time after the treatment ends.

  • Impulse Control Disorder
  • Some men have an urge to pull out their hair from different parts of their body, including the eyebrows, scalp, or someplace else. It is a chronic condition known as trichotillomania, which could affect 1-2% of adults and teenagers.

  • Genetics
  • Hair loss in men or male pattern baldness is also called androgenetic alopecia. Genes you got from your parents trigger this type of alopecia. It is unclear how it is inherited, but it tends to run in families. So you’re more likely to have balding if you have close relatives who have it, too.

  • Infections
  • Conditions such as ringworm can create scaly patches on the bald spots and scalp. The hair generally grows back after treatment.

  • Grooming
  • Wearing a braid, ponytail, or cornrows where the hair next to the scalp is pulled tightly causes temporary hair loss, known as traction alopecia. In addition, hot oil treatments and perms can damage hair follicles in men.

  • Stress or Shock
  • A severe physical or emotional shock, surgery, sudden or excessive weight loss, and even fever or the flu can bring hair loss that may last several months.

  • Your Immune System
  • Men with sudden hair loss that leaves round bald spots about the size of a quarter in different places on you may have a genetic condition called alopecia areata. It usually begins in childhood.

    Men’s immune system attacks the hair follicles that cause small patches of hair to fall out. There is usually sickness or pain involved, and it is not contagious. Hair sometimes grows back, but it may fall out again.

    Best Hair Loss Treatments for Men in Bay Area 

    Hair Loss Treatment for men

    Hair loss treatment is unnecessary for men who feel comfortable with their appearance. Hair weaving, hairpieces, or a change in hairstyle may disguise hair loss. Although these are the least expensive, they are not such appealing approaches for hair loss in men. Some medicines that may help in hair loss treatment for men include:

    • Dutasteride 
    • Minoxidil (Rogaine).
    • Finasteride (Propecia, Proscar)

    Other treatment options, like hair transplants, entail removing tiny hair plugs from areas where the hair grows and placing them in balding areas. Sometimes this procedure causes minor scarring or, possibly, infection, and is extremely expensive and often requires multiple sessions.

    All the treatments mentioned above are very dangerous and risky. But don’t panic! Emily Wyant, the owner at Bond Hair Bar, and her team of experts have the safest hair loss treatment for men in Bay Area:

    • Hair Extensions for Men

    Unfortunately, quite a few men have to suffer from hair loss. But just like women, even men appreciate having a full head of hair. This issue isn’t just things that come with old age. Most men see their hair prematurely disappearing regardless of their age. So, now it’s time that even men benefit from Hair Extensions! It’s a special little trick women have been using for ages. 

    Just like women, men can also use hair extensions to fix a bad haircut, increase the length, or pump up the volume of their thin hair. After this treatment, you will find a full head of hair when you look at yourself. So, you don’t have to worry anymore while walking onto an airplane or getting caught in a gust of wind because the hair extensions at Bond Hair Bar will never let you down.

    • Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

    Many other options are available for men suffering from hair loss who don’t want to undergo surgery to replace it. Non-surgical hair replacement replaces hair that’s fallen out due to hair loss in men by applying a small range of products worn on the scalp. These products include personalized systems for hair replacement and non-surgical procedures like scalp micro-pigmentation.

    Hair Loss Treatments for Men in Bay Area at Bond Hair Bar

    Many hair loss treatments for men in Bay Area are available nowadays. But Bond Hair Bar provides the best treatment options with fantastic results. We can help you determine the cause of your hair loss and determine the best treatment option.

    So, contact us today!

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